Barbra Whitten

I have enjoyed making art from as early as I can remember. Colors, shapes, lines, forms, patterns, textures, sounds, words, and motion have always intrigued me. Every time I draw, paint, print, shoot, write, fold, cut, paste, mold, or shape something new, I become completely enthralled with the process and all of the lessons, discoveries, and challenges that it brings. While I am often uncertain about what I am doing (or why), I am continually surprised and delighted by the way each investigation inspires and informs the next, frequently causing me to “double back” and revisit or build upon earlier insights. I find this ever-changing learning process extremely exciting, and I am often reminded of things I have either forgotten or simply neglected for awhile. As my ideas, experiences, and emotions find expression in my work, each piece I make teaches me something new about who I am and who I am becoming. Through abstract expression and colorful, energetic integration of various formal elements, my work explores themes of discovery, relationships, connectedness, diversity, redemption, and memory, conveying the joy, as well as the uncertainty, that fuels my artistic process. 

Taking Flight
Pebble Pool
Passing Through
Jenni's Journey
Finding A Way
Question Mark
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Circling the Square Fine Art Press. 275 Water Street, Gardiner, Maine. 04345