J.E. Paterak

Walking and being in nature, I consider to be an essential part of my practice. While walking I make visual ‘notations’ by taking photographs, composing over time. Walking is a meditation of sorts but it is also a time to further develop a responsive relationship with the planet, and it is something we can all do.  By observing plants and fungi, I learn a great deal about life, death and decay and I have great respect for what I believe is a kind of plant intelligence. The act of drawing is not unlike a walk, in that it is 'taking a line for a walk' as Paul Klee famously said. 

Earth is in a period of rapid change, if not a period of peril. It is upon each of us to work in an intuitive yet methodical way to illuminate our responsibilities within this ecological/geological timescale, however we see fit. Every day we have an opportunity to change our habits or to try to instigate positive change through the act of making. Ultimately language and creativity work in tandem to benefit humanity,  we create to further develop language from which we will continue learn. This is a collective effort, not for any one person but all of us to participate in the urgency of necessary awareness and change. I do this work as a meditation on all that is precious in the here and now.