Adrienne Beacham


Adrienne Beacham is a Maine artist and textile designer who stitches together different mediums into eccentric creations.  

In 2014, Adrienne received the J.W. Robinson Welfare Trust Scholarship to Circling the Square alongside Barbra Whitten. 

Since the fall of 2014, Adrienne has worked in Monmouth as the designer for Maine Heritage Weavers, an heirloom textile manufacturer carrying on the tradition of Bates Manufacturing Company of Lewiston, Maine.  At Maine Heritage, she has played a key part in the development of both traditional and modern textile designs for an array of customers, including national home goods retailers and boutique brands throughout North America and Europe. 


Artist Statement

Growing up, I was an anxious child with an unruly imagination.  Today, my work draws on the vivid nature of childhood and is characterized by a mix of playful chaos and meditative precision.  My pieces often feature a core group of monstrous characters, many of whom originated from the drawings I did when I was young. These fickle personalities are both the cute “imaginary friend” and the creepy “thing under the bed.” I’m fascinated by the branching and cyclical structures of creation, destruction, and growth. With perpetual re-working and re-iterating, my monsters undergo endless mutations. The forms and personalities of my childhood monsters evolve with each generational manifestation, but the essence of the original character remains.  I’ve come to realize that their sprawling evolutionary tree has given me a humorous way to explore complex emotions, growing pains, transformation, and the existence of a constant self.


Adrienne is moving to Buffalo, NY.  We wish her all the very best and will miss her.  Thanks again for bieng the "stitcher in chief" for our community Covid 19 quilt that became 14' x 7.5' mural on the back of the Artdogs Building.