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Hours of opperation:

Friday & Saturday 10 am - 4pm

Circling the Square Fine Art Press

Circling the Square Fine Art Press is temporarily closed to the public.  Our printmakers are using the studio one person at a time and will have wonderful works to share when it is safe to open again. 

Thanks for your understanding and support.                             207-582-6600

Circling the Square Fine Art Press is

in the Historic District of downtown Gardiner.  We are an open access fine art press where key carrying members share knowledge and their love of making fine art hand pulled prints.  

Current exhibitions

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As we move into 2021, please consider becoming a Member, or Associate member of Circling the Square Fine Art Press. We want to continue to be here and your support can make this a reality.


As a full member of the press you have a key and full privileges of the press. As an Associate Member you are invited to exhibit and take part in special press initiatives, and will get membership prices on workshops and Mini Rez opportunities at the press. Memberships fees are listed here for you.


Annual Artist Membership (ten months), $600.

Half Season membership (five months), $350

Three month membership, $240.

Two month membership, $180.  

Associate membership, $150.

We invite you to become part of our printmaking community. Please join us and help ensure our smaller community remains a presence in the wider art community. Please join us if you can!

        Image by new member Annie Lee-Zimerle

Five members of Circling the Square Fine Art Press had work accepted by Gallery Twist, Lexington, MA. for their print exhibition "Impressions". Sarah Vosmus, Judith Long, Ellen Roberts, Karen Adrienne and Annie Lee_Zimerle.


Our Coronavirus Pandemic Community quilt is included in the Chocolate Church's book, From Home in Bunny Slippers: Creations from a Community in the Weirdest Year Ever.

Interested in joining the press?

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Print day in May

Circling the Square Fine Art Press Members

will participate in this year's International Print Day in May. Look for our print works on May 1st.