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Circling the Square Fine Art Press is an open access press where key-holding artists can work independently, according to their own time schedule and inclination. It a place to share ideas, techniques, information, and collaborate with other printmakers. The studio was designed to combine the best of the 500-year old traditions of printmaking with the safer new technologies of the 21st Century.


Since the opening of the Press in August 2007, the facility has been busy with artists working in serigraphy, relief and intaglio, making monotypes, editions, books and sculpture. Changing exhibits hang in the gallery space, showcasing members work. 


Our Mission

The press is established to offer the people in Central Maine a community of artists dedicated to creating and marketing original fine art prints. The fine art press offers 20-25 artists the freedom to work independently and cooperatively in a supportive, safe environment. The studio welcomes community printmakers and can accommodate artists working in: Relief, Silkscreen (acrylic inks only), Intaglio (copper etch only), pronto plates, collographs, and a variety of monotype and monoprint processes. 

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