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Caroline Sheridan Loose

I have always sought open spaces, drawn by the expansiveness, timelessness, and overwhelming presence of being. If we truly enter these spaces, we leave with much more than that with which we entered.


Landscape, particularly the ocean, desert, and snow-covered fields have been a continuing focus of my work over the years.  There are no trees, roads, or reference to humans to distract.  There is only the vastness of space.  These pieces reflect both where I live and where I have traveled.  I take with me the memory of color and space.  These are spaces that allow me to breathe deeply, live, and, in my way, pray.


All prints are monotypes printed with Akua ink on Arches 88 paper.  While I work in series, all prints are one of a kind.   The print is built by applying ink to a ground metal plate, laying the paper on top, and sending this through the printing press, one layer at a time.  Prints may have passed through the press six or more times.

M 6.16 LR
Foggy Morning 1mLR
M 8.16 LR
M 10.16 LR
Finding Light
Looming iii copy
Finding Light
M 3.17 CTC
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