*Equipped press: 

Griffin press, manual, 24”x44”

steel bed, micrometers.

American French Tool Press, manual, 30" x 52", steel bed, micrometers.


*Viscosity rollers and brayers


*Drying racks, light tables, sinks


*Personal storage bin


*Flat File storage




*Studio display & lounge area 


*Ferric chloride etching bath (vertical tank)


*Storage racks for silkscreens


*Book press


*Paper cutter


*Handicap accessible bathroom


*In house art library



Circling the Square Fine Art Press is over 1,700 square feet and includes exhibition space for rotating exhibitions of artists’ work. The studio is also equipped with a Griffin Press (bed 24"x44") and and an American French Tool Press (bed 30"x52"), flat files, drying racks, work & light tables, a five foot stainless steel sink with power sprayer, book presses, viscosity rollers, brayers, paper cutter, and a handicap access bathroom.


One of the most important benefits of press membership is being part of a vibrant community of printmaking artists that share excitement, creative problem solving, and technical support for print based arts. Karen Adrienne, who is a founder of Circling the Square Fine Art Press, has been printing for over 30 years.  She was

Professor of Art in Printmaking and Drawing. at the University of Maine @ Augusta until 2017.  She is especially helpful in problem-solving and enjoys working with, and supporting those members who want to develop a particular print project.

The press is in the Historic Dictrict of downtown Garidiner. There is a park across the street from the studio and the Cobbesse Stream runs behind it. There are walking trails along the Kennebec River and cafes and restaurants along Water Street.