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Ellen Roberts

Ellen Roberts, of Farmington Maine, has been a member of Circling the Square Fine Art Press since 2007.  She has enjoyed working both independently at the press and also in collaboration with other artists.  Roberts creates fine art as wall pieces and installation work. She also prints her art on functional objects.  


In the past year she has created a line of art aprons. These aprons are monotypes (one-of-a-kind prints).  Made of Tyvek material, the apron is durable and water resistant.  They are for food preparation, serving and cleanup.  The aprons are wonderful additions for the walls of any kitchen.  Roberts has thought of them as quick sketches that have helped her develop a flow of ideas for her fine art work.  


Ellen’s work often begins by studying the color and structural patterns in nature.  It is a compilation of her extensive experience in fiber art.  A weaver and sculptor, Roberts has taken photos of everyday life such as the vacuum cleaner cord piled on the floor.  Using stencils and string she has created patterns of color that resemble the work of a weaver.


Ellen also enjoys co-teaching various workshops at the press.  This allows other people to learn new techniques and experience the press as an incubator for experimentation.  Circling The Square Fine Art Press has provided an excellent venue for support and feedback for Roberts and a place to exchange ideas with other artists.


Ellen Roberts holds a MFA in Fiber from Cranbrook Academy of Art, a BFA in Fiber from University of the Arts.  She also majored in ceramics at the Rhode Island School of Design.

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