Karen Adrienne 

Karen Adrienne is the owner and director of Artdogs Studios and Circling the Square Fine Art Press.

"For the past ten years I have been investigating the properties of water and the continuum of water and sky. I began these explorations at a time when I was developing a new printmaking technique that integrated the properties of folding and printing simultaneously."


“Something special happens when Karen Adrienne takes a walk.  Nature flattens out into shimmering planes of color, mark, and movement, and these reflect an emotional conversation with a piece of sky, water, night, or moment of transformation.  Each individual print is made utilizing the unique qualities of a printing press to capture ink, folds and embossing all at the same time. Through both intention and chance, the original vision and emotional connection to nature is re-awakened for the artist and the viewer.” David Morgan, Green Lion Gallery

Karen has received numerous grants, awards and artist residencies, which have promoted and fostered her work.  Some of these awards have taken her to India, Indonesia, Mexico, Newfoundland,  and Europe. They have been a rich source of inspiration for her work.

She was a  Professor of Art at the University of Maine at Augusta for 30 years where she taught drawing, printmaking and artists' books.




K.Adrienne_28_x38__monotype 2022
Something About Moonlight_32"x47"_ 3_
Swing Wide, Now Jump_18
Gihon Thaw_22"x30"
The Thaw_20'x31'x.5"
The Fall_32x48"x1.5"_2020
01.Adrienne_Sky Totem_2019c
A Speck of Divinity_22"x30"x1"
Velocity_ 22"x30"x1"
Karen Adrienne_2
Adrienne_Things started to fall apart on the long ride Home
1_K_Adrienne_Daybreak_Ink on Vellum_2017
The Sky Above the Water Below
Heading Home_Monotype w.colle
For the Two
The Sky Above and Water Below #2
Luminous Reach
Water Works 9
Water Works 3
Heading Home

Artist Statement

My ongoing relationship with nature flattens out into planes of color, mark and movement. An underlying structure holds my delicate emotional attachment to a piece of sky, water, night or moment of transformation. As marks and layers color, value, pattern and light accrue, I re-experience the vision and emotional connection to nature. It’s about chance, and the urge to capture a moment and the vision of that experience.

My prints are conceptually and physically embedded in reciprocity. They are built by the mutual relationship of concealing and revealing, plan and chance. As I investigate properties of nature with marks and inky flats of color, I also explore properties of paper and metal by folding or embossing by hand or with the pressure of the press. These layers are built upon until I have captured a momentary balance of chance with a fugitive experience of nature.