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Kris Sader

Artist Statement –

What is home under the 21st century paradigm?   What is it now that we are exploring the colonization of other planets and looking to the universe to find succor for loss.  Are we experiencing what we have caused so many other species to feel?  Are we adapting by thinking of ourselves as other than a species of earth?  And what is hope in the face of such powerful dynamics?  For me hope is supporting the work to save or restore home.  The Atlantic Salmon symbolizes that hope.

Artist Biography –

Kris Sader grew up in Tucson, Arizona. She, her husband and two daughters have lived  from the West and East coasts to the Gulf Coast and in-between.  In 1987 they moved to Maine.  Kris holds three degrees from the University of Maine, a BA in Performing Arts/dance, a MS in Ecology and Environmental Sciences and a BFA in printmaking.  As a printmaker she uses “Non-Toxic” printmaking methods that she helped research at the University of Maine. 



KSader_Transformation_wood cut_multipleTechniques_19X15
Kristisu Sader_Coming Home copy
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