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New Community Mural

The community quilt was made during the Coronavirus Pandemic 2020 by the artist of Artdogs Studios, Circling the Square Fine Art Press and invited artists who have been involved with these studios. Each artist made an image that reflected their state of mind, worries, hopes, experience, or longings. The images were collected digitally, and the quilt was then designed by artist Adrienne Beacham. Kerstin Gilg, of Artdogs Studios, then prepared the image for our 14' x 7.5' wheatpaste mural that is installed on the back of the Artdogs building. It will be up through October 2020.

We are hoping that this “Community Quilt” might help you feel the artists’ appreciation for their active place in community and acknowledge the strength that we build in caring for each other.

Here is a video that includes the Covid 19 Community Quilt. It was made by Waterville Creates!


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